Wednesday, 11 April 2018


Another week - another WOYWW!

Just a quick post as I am nipping out to the shops before I have my super arty crafter and her wonderful boy here for the day!
My desk today.....

Loaded with lovely artwork that I framed for Tilly Tea Dance yesterday.

And - in the centre- two little rainbow dolls that I am knitting for you Margaret! (glitterandglue). They will go to the project she supports in Uganda.

I thought I would use up my last wool scraps on these little dolls.
Ha ha - of course I was wrong!
A good friend was clearing out her cupboards and sent a bag of wool for me - yes that wool bag of mine is just like the magic porridge pot isn't it.

So, I have plenty to keep me going for the next few months.

That's it for today.

Have fun snooping round my desk.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 4 April 2018


Good morning all.
Time flies these days and I know it's 2 weeks since I blogged so, I am writing this in a quiet moment over Easter!

I have nothing on my WOYWW today but at least I can show you this lot.....

I have had enough of twiddle mitts for the time being so, I will be dropping this lovely lot off at the hospital this week.

I have almost got to the bottom of my wool bag - I am saying that quietly as it seems to keep refilling itself - strange isn't it!!!

Have a great week.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 21 March 2018


Good morning all.
March 21st - first day of Spring and my Grandma's birthday - born 144 years ago - that must mean I am getting on in years too - not so bad as you might think - she was 47 years old when my Dad was born!

My table is loaded with Tilly Tea Dance goodies today.

Maxine is re-stocking her local outlets and of course, everything needs pricing and listing so I am helping with the "admin". I know my place!!
I am always happy to help out - it is lovely to see how she has blossomed as a crafter, tutor and saleswoman!

I have even used my needlework skills in stitching the backs on brooches so I am not totally relegated to the drudgery -lol.

If I have a spare evening, I have been knitting for Annie's twin grandchildren.
This is the hoodie I finished last week.

AND here is the same pattern, different colourway.

They are wanted for the Easter hols so I need to crack on with it.

Thank you to all who responded to my plea about Ikea frames.

Hopefully, I have solved the issue for the time being, but it's lovely to know so many folk out there are willing to go shopping for me! Thanks lots.

Well that's it for this week.
I am on Ben duty today so need to organise some crafty fun for him.
Yesterday we wrote a few more pages in his adventure of Pod the Pea man.

(His idea prompted by a pea escaping from his plate at lunch.) You would be surprised what a fertile mind a 3 year old has and where it has lead Pod the Pea man to go. Happy days.

Have a great week.

x Jo

Wednesday, 14 March 2018


Good morning all!
Well here is a snap for all you card makers out there....

Please don't think I made them - they were kindly given by a card making friend.
I just thought I would share them with you.

And below are my latest little twiddle mitts

I have also just finished a lovely little hoodie for my great nephew but need to buy some orange buttons so a trip to Watson and Thorntons is necessary. I wonder if I can manage to come away from that fabric/crafty shop with just 5 buttons!!

It's just a quick post today as I have lots of admin for Tilly Tea Dance to accomplish before Ben arrives for his favourite lunch - Nanny's homemade chicken soup.

Oh and just a thought... Does anyone live near and visit an Ikea store?

We buy tiny Tyssslinge 8cm x 9 cm white and oak frames but struggle to get them at our stores.

If anyone is going to Ikea and spots any AND fancies sending them to me in a small parcel I would love to hear from you!

Have a great week.

xx Jo

Wednesday, 28 February 2018


Good morning all. I hope you are not too badly affected by the snow.
We had a dusting yesterday which quickly disappeared in the sunshine.
I hope we don't get more today!

My table was crammed with Tilly Tea Dance artwork yesterday but, today it is empty and waiting for Tilly to arrive and begin again!
I have been busy mounting pictures and her beautiful little bookmarks.

My own crafting has been limited to these two little cosy cardis that I have just finished to go in my charity donation box. I have had a request for a few items so thought I would have a clear out of my cupboards and put anything that I don't need into the box.

Below are some of the little hand crafted items I have made over the last few years that have obviously been waiting for me to do something useful with them! They can go in the box, I think.

Have a great week and keep cosy!

x Jo